We offer dyno tuning services and Swap tunes for late model Gm engines, As well as many standalone engine management units, MEGASQUIRT, FAST, HOLLEY, FI TECH, MS3 PRO, ect...


Standard 2WD Vehicle - $75

*additional $25 for AIR/FUEL monitoring


First Hour - $100
Second +Hours - $75

NOTE: Customers are required to complete a release and authorization forms prior to having their vehicle on the dyno. Customers coming in for tuning must have their vehicles in good mechanical order. It is up to the customer to ensure there vehicle has the correct supporting modifications, including large enough fuel injectors, correct heat range spark plugs, etc. for the power level they desire or are trying to achieve. A $100 minimum charge in addition to any credits or hardware AND dyno time will be charged if a mechanical issue interferes with the tuning process, even if the customer denies any required repair for tuning to resume.


DTC Removal and/or Anti-theft such as VATS, PASSKEY, and PATS - This is only a re-flash (no dyno or data logging) to remove emissions and related trouble codes that are created when modifying your vehicle. This includes long tube headers, off-road pipes, transmission swaps, etc. Also includes deactivation of anti-theft systems on engine / ECM swaps. This price does not include hardware access where applicable. $75-150 (depending on year)

Naturally Aspirated Stock and Bolt on Calibration - Bolt on parts include: headers, exhaust, CAI, etc. Stock cam, heads and injectors. Includes dyno sheets with before and final results. Data logging, idle, part throttle and WOT optimization. $250

Naturally aspirated with Internal Modification - Any or all combinations of Heads / Camshaft / Injectors and bolt ons. Data logging, idle, part throttle and WOT optimization. $300

Forced Induction  - Any or all combinations of heads/cam/injectors,and bolt ons.  Data logging, idle, part throttle and WOT optimization. $350